Poland wins Battle of the Nations!

At the third edition of Kaiser Maximilian Lauf we launched an amateur competition within the competition: the Battle of the Nations. All interested participants in 60 km classic could register at the Race Office on Friday to be in the draw for competing for their nation. Six participants from each country were selected and the first nation that had three participants crossing the finish line was Poland – congratulations!


Results Battle of the Nations 2018


#1 Poland 9:34:21

Michalek, Piotr 3:04:14.

Legierski, Grzegor 3:07:32

Olsrowski, Wladskaw 3:22:32


#2 Norway 9:41:05

Jevne, Erling 2:57:14

Sagmyr, Tommy 3:13:35

Lindhjem, Marius C 3:30:13


#3 Russia 10:19:18

Shcapakov, Andrey 3:18:58

Dubinin, Aleksander 3:28:48

Riumin, Sergei 3:31:29