Kaiser Maximilian Lauf to be held on the original 60km course!

The last days of snowfall has given the organizers of Kaiser Maximilian Lauf enough of the white gold to use the original 60km course.

-We have a good base of artificial snow in both Seefeld and Leutasch. And with about 30cm of new snow falling the last two days it’s enough to use the original course, says Martin Tauber, Chief of Competition.

The original 60km course starts in Seefeld and goes over Wildmoos down to the Leutasch valley. The course winds up and down the valley before turning back to Wildmoos and the finishing downhill to Seefeld.

-We are working hard with the course and final preparations for next weekend. I am very happy that we can use the original 60km course that is a lot easier than last year, but still offers beautiful sceneries and some challenging sections, continues Martin. 

Kaiser Maximilian Lauf is held January 14-15th with 60km in classic technique on the 14th and 60km in skating technique on the 15th. The classic race is also part of the long distance ski Championship, Visma Ski Classics.

Online registration closes on Wednesday January 11th at 6pm.